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Almost every homeowner has at one time or another found unwelcome guests in the home in the form of insects or other pests and just wanted to gain control by ridding the home of them. For general home pest control - Ada homeowners have three main ways to keep pests to a minimum. These choices are sanitation, limiting access and hiring a professional pest management company.

Keeping it Clean

Keep the home scrupulously clean of all bits and crumbs of human and pet food. Clean areas that are usually not seen. Neglected places are often under, between and behind furniture or appliances. Store all food for humans and pets in tightly sealed plastic or glass containers. Remove pet food and all crumbs when the pet has finished eating. Do not leave standing water or dirty dishes in the sink. Fix all leaky pipes and dripping faucets promptly and keep bathrooms clean and dry to prevent mildew and mold. Keeping the home free of pests means taking care not to provide food sources for them.

Pest Proofing Your Home

The second way to keep pests out of the home is by making it difficult for them to enter. Make sure window and door screens fit tightly and have no holes as flying insects can fit through the tiniest openings. Be sure door sweeps fit properly to keep out crawling bugs. Repair all openings around the foundation or anywhere in the garage or cellar to keep out larger pests such as rodents. Check under the eaves of the house and around the attic and close up any holes that bats may use to come inside. We offer pest proofing services to help keep the bugs out.

Ada Pest Professionals

The best way to truly protect your home and family is to give us a call. We can come out and assess your home, and find potential spots for the unwanted guests to get in.  We can seal up the holes, do some spraying (if necessary), and even control any existing problems you might have. Most of the jobs we have done in Ada have been for carpenter ants, termites, bed bugs and moles.

What Our Customers in Ada Have to Say

Hey Pat, Just had one of your crew to the house. Bob is a great guy, very professional & friendly. Our dogs love him! Thanks- Chuck K. Ada, MI 6/29/11
I have a crazy difficult schedule that would drive many people crazy and yet Corey is always willing to work with me and around my schedule-calls before scheduling, leaving ample time to adjust/modify schedules to find something that works-work is done efficiently yet also effectively-my dogs love him and Corey doesn’t seem to mind their antics! - Shelly H. Ada. Mi. 1/11/10

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If an infestation such as fleas, spiders, bed bugs or any concentration of insects should occur, contact us without delay. Do not spend time in worry and frustration. Call us today and we will eliminate the pest problem to make your home comfortable and enjoyable once again.